Applied Spirituality

These programs help you use the principles of bhakti yoga to solve the problems you face in your day-to-day life, regardless of your personal spiritual practices.

Although forgiveness is intrinsic to spiritual life, the culture of forgiveness is not often lacking in our lives.  We talk about the need for tolerance and forgiveness, we know nothing comes to us that we don’t deserve, yet resentment still resides in the hearts of many of us. Devotees often say, “I want to forgive but I don’t know how.”

Are you ready for your first step towards enlightened living?  Join us for a dynamic exploration into the principles of enlightened living revealed by the sages of ancient India, masters of the secrets of connecting with our inner source of happiness through the timeless science of Bhakti, the yoga of love

Devotees gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and practice of humility and its intrinsic position in devotional service. Devotees also explore how their level of humility affects their:

Commitment to one’s vows is fundamental to the practice of bhakti. Yet many devotees find it difficult to maintain the vows they take, be they initiation vows, marriage vows, or the simple commitments they make to themselves.
However, there are tools and attitudes that empower one to deeply connect with their word of honor and improve their relationship with commitment.

Learning and practicing this makes a significant difference in one’s ability to honor their commitments. As such, this course is greatly needed in ISKCON.

We look at what we ask through prayer and investigate ways in which some of these desires may reflect misunderstandings, fears, unreal hopes, lack of purity, or unfounded concerns about surrendering to the Supreme.

Inspiration is vital to devotee’s success in Krishna consciousness. And one of the greatest sources of inspiration is simply to connect with an inspiring service, a service that resonates so deeply with one’s natural tendencies and abilities that it draws one more and more to engage in that service.

As devotees engage in the process of Krishna consciousness and attempt to detach themselves from material life, they inevitably confront the difficulties involved in controlling sexual urges. This workshop serves as a support system to help male devotees better understand and deal with their sexual challenges.